United States Capitol Police dropped charges against marijuana activist Adam Eidinger

United States Capitol Police dropped charges against marijuana activist Adam Eidinger
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Well, many might know about the arrest of the marijuana activities Adam Eidinger on the past April 20th of this year by the US Capitol police along with the eight other protesters with the charges of handing out Marijuana joints.

In the follow-up of those arrested, it has been noted that only two of those arrested peoples were charged by the US Capitol police. However, as a recent twist in this matter last Monday, the official statement released from the United States attorney’s office stated that the one of those charged protesters will be dropped on the upcoming trails in this case.

For those who are unaware of this case, here is the detailed story of this story. Earlier this year the well known marijuana activists in the district near by the U.S. Capitol local jurisdiction Adam Eidinger was arrested for carrying 78 marijuana joints illegally, owing to that arrest, he spent an entire night in jail and appeared before the judiciary and multiple courts few times.

But as far as the reports given by the Drug Enforcement Administration the arrested Marijuana activist Adam Eidinger carried the joints well below the limits set by the D.C which is 2 ounces. On pointing that, the state justice department has decided to drop all those charges against Adam Eidinger.

The recently held drama in this Adam Eidinger case clearly portraits the misunderstanding and conflicts in-between the federal laws on the marijuana and the local U.S capitol who are the losers in this case. While asking about this case, the marijuana activist in the district Adam said as “There’s no good legal argument for the people who have the rights to give cannabis away in this district, Capitol police needs to be aware of this.”

He also added that before this showcase which is April 20th of this year, he has personally given the joints to workers of US Congress, but he was too cautious about the allowed amount of marijuana to carry in the district.

The main conflict between the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) and the United States Capitol police is the process in which they weigh those contained cannabis. Unlike the capitol police, the DEA official’s weighs only the amount of the drug instead of weigh along with other stuffs like smoking papers and so. While doing so, the captured drug was well within the permitted amount.

On commenting this issue, the spokesman of the United States Attorney’s office Mr. Bill Miller confirmed the news of dropping the charges against the arrested Marijuana activist Adam in the district. However, he refused to give a proper response over the question raised on why local charges pursued instead of using federal charges in this case. For your information, under the federal law of U.S it is illegal to carry any amount of the cannabis or marijuana anywhere within its proficiency. And the point to be noted is, though the federal law applied throughout the District of Columbia still the capitol police not able to make arrests.

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