AgMedica Bioscience Inc. Becomes an authorized Developer of Cannabis

AgMedica Bioscience Inc. Becomes an authorized Developer of Cannabis
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“That is another major success in the progress of AGMEDICA. The management team is very happy to have achieved this critical milestone and wish to thank our employees, associates, and shareholders because of their efforts and sustained support.” said Skill Vander Pol, CEO of AGMEDICA. “We assume that AGMEDICA has one of the biggest, if not the biggest, primary capacity of any recently certified maker of cannabis in Canada. While we have been celebrating this fulfillment, we realize this is merely yet another milestone on our trip to become global innovator in cannabis development as well as the development and commercialization of cannabis-derived products that favorably impacts medical and well-being in our customers.”

AGMEDICA has set up a management team with years of experience in large-scale commercial agriculture and in the development and commercialization of pharmaceutical products. The team is currently centered on operationalizing the Stage I Facility and the introduction of impressive products.

AGMEDICA is a qualified company under the ACMPR and is targeted on the cultivation of top quality and steady medical-grade cannabis. THE BUSINESS’S Riverview Cultivation Service is found in Chatham, Ontario. The Period I Facility comes with an twelve-monthly capacity of 6,000 kg of pharmaceutical-grade indoors cannabis. Programs are in destination to increase this capacity within the prevailing building to 26,500 kg. THE BUSINESS is likely to commence cultivation in the approaching weeks. THE BUSINESS’S second indoor center is in the in depth review level at Health Canada to be an ACMPR accredited producer and is also forecast to include yet another 40,000 kg in twelve-monthly capacity once totally built, providing AGMEDICA with a complete projected indoor development capacity of 66,500 kg per calendar year.

AGMEDICA’s vision is usually to be a global innovator in the development of cannabis and cannabis-derived products that increase the health insurance and well-being of its customers. THE BUSINESS is attempting to understand and provide the needs of its customers and companions, making certain its products, their quality and the ongoing dedication the business brings to health insurance and well-being continue to be its important priorities.

The AGMEDICA team is focused on the introduction of cannabis produced products for medical, adult-use (recreational once approved) and in the end pharmaceutical purposes. This can be achieved through flower and product research and development, progressive production practices, detailed professional medical and health gain assessments and a committed action to customer value. AGMEDICA is focused on expanding and commercializing progressive, high quality products, procedures and services.

Name Change to AGMEDICA
AgMedica Bioscience Inc. (previously AgriMed Botanicals Inc. or AMBI) altered its name on Dec 6, 2017. “Our name change to AgMedica Bioscience shows our progression and strategic perspective to become dominant vertically built-in player in the medical cannabis market and spend money on world-class research and development to build up and commercialize clinically-proven cannabis-derived pharmaceutical products for real human and veterinary use.” said CEO, Artwork Vander Pol.


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