Darth Vader OG Kush (Indica) Weed

Another addition to the Skywalker family, Darth Vader is a heavily based Indica that combines 80% Indica and 20% Sativa and is a strain which lives up to it’s dark side. This blend of OG Kush and Skywalker has strong pistils that are covered with violet hues embedded on a forest of dark green leaves. The buds are encrusted with thick sticky resin and not too tightly packed, giving off an aroma of a grape dominated berry and earthy under tones. It is a skunky brew common to this variety of marijuana but with rather a subdued taste this isn’t harsh nor does it have any ill natured after taste that are connected to similar strains.

The hit is smooth and the effects instant, leaving you highly chilled and relaxed. THC levels can vary for Darth Vader coming in at somewhere between 18% – 24% which accounts for the initial energetic high. However, this quickly calms down and is replaced by a strong appetite. So anyone searching for a good feed and nights sleep will do well with Darth Vader.

Uses of Darth Vader
Aside from the obvious relief from pain and insomnia, this strain provides, it also has many other uses due to its analgesic qualities. It has been found to be extremely useful with PMS, ADHD, cholesterol, and heartburn as well as with Bi-polar conditions.

Darth Vader can be grown both indoors and outdoors and has a flowering period of 8-0 weeks. The yield is moderate and gardeners of no lower than intermediate should try this.

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