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Zeta OG (Sativa) Hybrid Weed

Zeta OG is a Sativa dominant hybrid which blends SAGE and Kush genetics to produce beautiful looking buds covered with resin and amber hairs. The flavours are sharp and immediate, and buds release a sweet, pungent mix of diesel and blueberry. These combine to leave a lingering menthol after taste. Unlike many strong sativa, Zeta OG doesn’t have that racy buzz. It’s effects are fast, there’s no question, but the effectiveness of this strain comes from how it doesn’t overpower the user. Instead it leaves them relaxed but ready. The alert, uplifting high and feeling of purpose make it the ideal choice for daytime use and especially useful to all you creatives out there with motivational issues.

Uses of Zeta OG Marijuana
If you’re looking for a cannabis strain that relieves pain and tension without any sedative or limiting effects, then Zeta OG is a great place to start. Its analgesic and anti-spasm properties, as well as its high energy buzz make it a great strain to get you ready for the day. For professionals needing the medical benefits of marijuana but without the lag, it is the strain of choice.

This strain of cannabis can be grown both indoors and outdoors with a flowering period of 9-9 weeks. The yield is moderate and gardeners of an intermediate level can grow.

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