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  • Online Weed Doctor Santa MonicaWhy we came up with weed doctor. This is a service that guarantees our clients and users medical cannabis recommendation twenty hours a day, seven days a week (24/7) service only from the best medical marijuana doctors online. For any patient getting the right advice which is reliable and fast is a service that cannot be overstated. It is because of this that at Marijuana Floor we have come up with a service that seeks and connect our thousands of clients with only the best and certified MMJ doctors. Be it be the first-timers seeking a medical marijuana card or “green card” or the experienced ganja user seeking expert medical advice on the type of strain of dosage to take, our doctors can assist patients in the best way. We have made the process of consulting a marijuana doctor for their services fast, cheap and reliable. At only $39 a year and for less than twenty minutes of your time users can get medical marijuana evaluation resulting in the issuance of a medical marijuana card/ med card/ green card and hit our dispensaries within a few minutes. At weed doctor, we guarantee our clients for only $39 a year they will be able to receive
    • Initial medical marijuana consultation
    • A letter of recommendation
    • Medical marijuana physician follow-up
    • A medical marijuana card/ green card/ med card
    • 24-hour medical consultant services
    • Easy and fast-tracked renewal services
    • Our certified medical marijuana physicians

    At weed doctor, we strive to ensure our clients and patients get medical cannabis consultation only from certified and registered doctors. This goes a long way in ensuring our service credibility is upheld and adhered to. Through our online telemedicine medical marijuana evaluation, our clients can receive California Medical Marijuana Card. All medical marijuana doctors on our platform are registered and certified physicians with proven track records. At weed doctor, we have strict doctor standards and ensure rigorous screening and approval of all recommended doctors on our platform. We also provide booking appointment systems with the practitioners for clients and users who insist on seeing marijuana doctor face to face. Apart from providing services on attaining a medical marijuana card, our doctors offer medical marijuana recommendations to users on wellness and healthy use of the herb.

    • Who qualifies for a medical marijuana card

    Despite medical marijuana being legal in California, one requires a green card to purchase and buy weed from medical cannabis dispensaries. At Marijuana Floor we are a legal abiding business and as such follow the law. Medical marijuana is available to any person who through a medical practitioner recommendation has been granted use for herb use. Certain ailments such as Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), cancer and migraines are directly treated or controlled with weed. However if one feels that ganja improves on their lives and wellness then just visit a certified medical ganja consultant which will lead to the issuance of an MMJ card.

    • Safe and secure services

    At Marijuana Floor we strive to ensure our clients are served in a safe and secure manner that maintains their privacy. This also applies to our weed doctor platform. At weed doctor, we ensure that all services conducted by our medical marijuana consultants follow the guidelines of the 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act protecting both patient and doctor on our online platform. Confidentiality is also a key feature of this leading institution as such confidential information shared through our platform is protected by the same act.

    We also have no hidden costs; booking appointments and scheduling with our preferred marijuana doctors are free. One only has to pay the doctor’s fee during an actual face to face appointment. Our system is trusted and proven by hundreds of doctors and thousands of cannabis users in California.

    • Contact us

    At weed doctor, we have customer care attendants and medical marijuana doctors willing to assist our clients 24 hours a day 7 days a week on our ganja hotlines. Medical marijuana recommendation and consultancy is just a click away. Who said the only way to get a medical marijuana recommendation was long queues and hefty payments. We believe otherwise, our online marijuana doctors can make this process easy and affordable for you all from the comfort of your living room. Contact us now!!! We will be glad to hear from you!!

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