What is Vaporizer Cartridge, Types and Effects?

These days, vaporizer cartridges are so popular worldwide. Well, many of us know the reason behind such popularity. It’s all about the affordability, easiness, readily available, and more importantly vaporizer cartridge available in a variety of types. In addition, users can able to load a variety of dry herbs that specially made for vaporizer cartridge.

What is Vaporizer Cartridge?

Vaporizer Cartridge also known as the Vape Cartridge is a readymade device, which used to extract the active ingredients of the powder or plant materials in such a way as it can breathe easily. In most cases, these vaporizer cartridges are used to consuming cannabis, tobacco or any other herbs just like similar to the Chamomile.

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Why Vaporizer Cartridge?

Well, Vaporizer Cartridge is one of the successive alternatives for quitting the smoking habit. To be frank, it gives the feeling of smoking to the smokers; however, it does not emit smoke. In addition, unlike the ordinary cigarettes the vaporizer cartridges do not emit any harmful elements that can lead towards the cancer disease.

Since, there is nothing burned inside the vaporizer cartridge users can experience no smoke or smoke taste while using it. It almost has no particular element present in it, also it emits less noxious gas unlike the normal cigarette emits. The vapor that emitted by the vaporizer can be collected in a jar or inside any other inflatable container or in fact it can be inhaled directly.

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Types of Vaporizer Cartridges Available in Market

Currently, one can witness the high number of vaporizers in the market; each one will be in different types and posses relatively new and exciting features. Here are the 3 major types in which all those vaporizer cartridges get classified.

  • Hybrid
  • Indica
  • Sativa
  1. Hybrid Vaporizer Cartridge

In this type of vaporizer, the stuffed herbs heated through by both convection and by the mode of conduction. With the aid of steaming hot air, herbs heated in convection mode. Similarly, in conduction mode, the herbs heated with the aid of the chamber walls.

The biggest advantage of using Hybrid Vaporizer is, it does not require too long for you to enjoy the inhalation of vapor. Within few seconds, users can start inhaling the vapor; however, for better result one should mix the herb with the chamber every few drags. In general, these hybrid vaporizers referred as the Desktop vaporizers.

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  • Indica Vaporizer Cartridge

Indica vaporizer one of the revolutionary device where one can stuff the dry herbs in it and can be transported to anywhere at ease. Indica Vaporizer is also known as the portable vaporizer is physically small enough that it can completely fit into your pocket. To be frank, the physical appearance of the portable Vape Indica looks similar to the lighter, can operate up to 2 hours, and requires a convenient charging method just like the USB device.

Compact and discreet design gives a big advantage to the Vape and the presence of advanced control mechanism helps to maintain consistent temperature to around 340F to 412F always.

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  • Sativa Vaporizer Cartridge

The sativa Vaporizer is the best for those who look for the portable oil vapes and it is one of the best mobile oil vaporizers in the market. It is small battery powered vaporizer uses oil instead of herb for generating vapor.

It is a specifically designed pen style vaporizer, where the users no need to load or unload the product. The Vape comes with a sealed oil cylinder that can replaced by a new one once it consumed. Users can also have the option of placing their own cannabis oil instead of sealed oil cylinder in certain Sativa Vaporizer Cartridges. Experts would advise to prefer the Vape that requires you to load oils instead of use and throw model.

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Effects of using Vaporizer Cartridge

  • Vaporizers heat the herbs/oil gently instead of burning it. Owing to that, there would be no smoke. However, vaporizers are highly effective when compared with cigarette.
  • Vaporizers reduce the smoking addiction among the adults all over the world. In fact, vaporizers avoid harmful toxic substances that commonly inhaled while smoking.
  • Vaporizers are available in different types and at affordable cost users can pick the suitable one according to their interest from the market. Most Vape comes with the price tag starting from $25 to $300 and above.
  • Unlike smoking cigarette, vaporizers do not have any implicate in causing lung damage or cancer.

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